• My Jobs finds EVERY job posted at EVERY career site

    The CareerShift search tool returns results from every career site and job board. Save and organize all the relevant jobs that meet your search criteria, whether you search by job title, company name, keywords, or location.

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  • My Contacts makes networking with people and companies easy!

    Find, save and organize lists of companies and contacts. CareerShift’s patent-pending software technology provides information about millions of businesses and contacts, including cross-referenced job postings.

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  • My Documents creates, edits and manages all of your documents

    CareerShift provides you with document Wizards for creating Resumes, Cover Letters, or any other business document you may need. You can also upload your own documents, for easy access from any location, at any time.

  • My Campaigns distributes your resume through print or email.

    Send your resume to your selected companies and contacts by direct mail or email. CareerShift automatically tracks actions in your campaigns, and keeps relevant notes so you can stay on top of your job search.

  • My Calendar reminds you of appointments and follow-up actions

    Whenever a Campaign is completed, CareerShift automatically sends you a reminder email so that you can follow up with prospective employers. My Calendar allows you to set appointments, events, and other reminders, according to your unique desires and needs.

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