5 Reasons Universities Should Provide Alumni Career Services

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positive habits

With young professionals changing jobs every 2.8 years, the need for career services doesn’t end with graduation. And with 53% of recent grads unemployed or underemployed, it’s clear that alumni need help with career support. University career centers and alumni associations can be a trusted resource that alumni turn to when they start a job search. And there are numerous benefits for schools to extend career services.

1. Alumni Engagement

Alumni directors often tell us the number one thing alumni ask for is career support and professional development.  By providing the services alumni actually want, schools can increase engagement and lifelong loyalty.  Alumni who feel supported and connected to their alma mater are more likely to donate to the university and support its mission. Universities can strengthen the relationship between graduates and the institution, and foster a culture of giving back.

2. Networking

Career services can provide a valuable networking platform for alumni to connect with each other and with potential employers. Universities have extensive networks of alumni who have gone on to successful careers, and facilitating connections between alumni can lead to new job opportunities and mentorship relationships.

3. Reputation

Alumni who are successful in their careers are often seen as a reflection of the quality of education and support they received at their alma mater. By helping alumni achieve their career goals, universities can strengthen their reputation, help graduates stay competitive in their chosen fields, and attract new students. 

4. Alumni data

Alumni career services can help universities gather valuable data about the career trajectories of their graduates. By tracking the employment and career outcomes of alumni, universities can gain insights into the effectiveness of their programs and curricula, and make improvements to better prepare future graduates for success in the job market.

5. University mission

Providing career services to alumni is simply the right thing to do. Universities have a responsibility to support their graduates throughout their professional lives, not just during their time on campus. By investing in the ongoing success of their alumni, universities can demonstrate their commitment to the long-term well-being of their graduates and the communities they serve.

Colleges and universities have a unique opportunity to support the ongoing success of their alumni with lifelong career services. Schools can play a critical role in helping graduates achieve their professional goals and demonstrate their commitment to the long-term success of their graduates.

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