Leveraging Recruiter/Staffing Agencies in Your Job Search

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In today’s job search, one thing is certain: you must use many strategies to be successful. I just attended a workshop for professional job seekers. The meeting theme was centered around how to leverage your job search with recruiters and/or staffing agencies. With 9 of 10 companies using their services, some interesting items were addressed and worthy of sharing.

What is the scope of their services:

  • They provide temporary services- as needed, depending on a business’ cycle of business, and ‘contract’ needs (filling in).
  • Direct hire- they are recruiting for regular needed positions at a particular company
  • Direct Search- they screen and handpick an appropriate pool of candidates for a specific position. This is a big need now, with talent walking out and the need for rebuilding.

Tips on using them in your job search:

  • Search for recruiters that target your industries and/or target positions- they have specialties.
  • Follow their instructions precisely when making contact.
  • Remember they do not work for you- they work for the Company.
  • Really target what you want and have your resume support it.
  • Use them as a practice for interviewing and gathering real feedback (they conduct them every day)
  • Use them to help gather target companies that meet your criteria. They often have a pulse on the underbelly of which companies are really good to work for and/or what the business cycle hiring needs are.

If you really click with a recruiter, they will remember you for future positions that arise. They network/partner with other recruiters.

Not surprising, but I heard over and over again that their clients tell them “I want candidates that can “SAVE ME MONEY OR MAKE ME MONEY”. Sound familiar?

Resume, cover letters, marketing plans, elevator pitches, interview answers and other communications must reflect those needs, LOUD AND CLEAR.

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Val Matta
Val Matta
Val Matta, Managing Director of CareerShift, co-founded the company in 2005 to help individuals bridge the gap between education and employment.  As a recognized expert in the field, Val is a frequent speaker on career management, networking, and job hunting strategies.  You can connect with her and the CareerShift team on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.