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Provide your students and alumni with equitable access to the hidden job market


Helping students and alumni navigate the job search process is often about who they know, not what they know. And the need for career support doesn’t end after graduation. CareerShift levels the job search playing field by providing everyone with an opportunity to access professional contacts and the 70% of jobs that aren’t posted on public job boards. Join the 300+ institutions that are giving their students and alumni job search advantage with CareerShift.

CareerShift enables students and alumni to:

  • Search, save, and organize all elements of their job search in one place
  • Create target list of companies based on interests and industry
  • Easily find contacts at target companies
  • Access 16M+ jobs and 220M+ professional contacts
  • Learn how to job search and network with learning pathways

CareerShift helps everyone build a network and find hidden opportunities.