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CareerShift: Bringing The Best Online Career Management Tools To Your Students, Alumni and Career Offices


A key goal of any academic institution is to prepare students for the workforce. CareerShift's web-based application can help.

The U.S. Department of Education requires any career education program that receives federal funding to prepare students for "gainful employment in a recognized occupation." Good career management and organization are key components to the career journey. Providing a resource to go back to along the way is just one of the reasons you should consider offering CareerShift.

CareerShift brings the best of the Internet to your students, helping them navigate a complex sea of companies and networks that could potentially lead to a job opportunity. With CareerShift, users can find jobs, research companies, and network with alumni and professionals in their chosen fields. Here are some key reasons your stakeholders will benefit from CareerShift's platform:

  • CareerShift lets users tailor their job search by keywords, job type, location, company, salary, source, and much more. Set alerts.
  • CareerShift makes networking hassle-free by aggregating contact information of millions of businesses and professionals instantly.
  • CareerShift's dynamic links guarantee students' saved information, searches, and contact information are always up-to-date.
  • CareerShift's one-stop-shop platform allows students and alumni to search, store, and organize their job and internship searches and networking contacts instantly.
  • CareerShift helps job candidates keep day-to-day communications organized by scheduling email reminders for job follow-ups, interviews, and phone calls.
  • CareerShift makes tracking communications easy by automatically storing documents and emails directly within the platform.

At a cost of pennies per user, CareerShift provides significant resources for institutions looking to help students and alumni navigate their job search. With its easy-to-use interface, CareerShift puts students in the driver's seat of their own career.

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